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Remember Chords

Tabbed by Doughnutts
David Choi - Remember

UG doesn't have one yet so i thought i'd put mine up.
Hope you like it.

[CAPO 3]Standard Tuning

[Verse 1]         G                        D
          I don't like it anymore how that all those days
               Em                       D
          When we don't even say a word to each other
                  G                       D
          I don't like it anymore when we act that way
               Em                     D
          Like we were never ever even lovers

[Verse 2]                   C                 D
          I know that we're both, working our jobs
                         G             Em
          Taking care of everything we have
          But you know it doesn't mean
          Oh, you know it doesn't mean
          It should be like this forever
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[Chorus]               G
          Remember the height
          From which we fall
          And remember the days
          Our love meant something
          Remember the passion that we had
                      Em            D
          When did it ever get this bad
          Oh, I don't want to be
          The way we are
                             Em                    D
          I want to feel the love we have for each other
             C                          Em 
          Oh girl, what happened to our love
                          D          G
          That we've been missing oh girl

                 G                                 D
          Do You remember all the letters that you sent to me
                  Em                   D
          I still keep them locked up, inside my drawer
                   G                               D
          Oh how I wish we could go back to how it used to be
            Em                               D
          I know there's more to you that I, could discover
                   C               D
          Could we light, the fire again
                            Em            G
          And make it shine brighter than ever
          Girl are you hearing what I mean
          Are you hearing what I mean
          It should be like that forever oh yea

          [Go To Chorus]
          Oh, right now
                  Em         D
          I don't care about anything other than us
          Cause it's about us
              C              D
          Oh, it's about us, it's about us baby about us
          It's not that our love is gone
          We just stopped, being strong
          C                 C
          So if we hold on, we can make it through
          And love like we used to do

          [Go To Chorus]A E F#m E D A E
          That we've been missing...
          That we've been missing...