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Only You Chords

Not 100% correct, got it as close as I could by ear.
NOTE: most unsure about the bridge part, but meh -close enough.

A harder song for me to do this but the song is lovely, David Choi is lovely so it's
worth the work >:D

Again, don't expect all the chords to be correct, though you find something to
correct/add, do so below below :D Added/fixed bits will show when it says UPDATED in the 
asterisk part.

Comment, rate and favourite.



A7sus4  : x02030
[ch]Asus4/B[/ch] : 020200
Asus2   : 002200
[ch]Bm7/D[/ch]   : xx0202
E7sus4  : 020200
Em6     : 022020
Em7     : 022030
Dsus    : xx0233

Intro: A7 A7sus4 [ch]Asus4/B[/ch] A7

Verse 1
D           A7sus4      G
Love song on the radio
                          D  Dsus4  D
Don't mean much to me anymore
            A7sus4         G
Won't see a smiling face
                                  D     Dsus4  F#m
Walked out the door a long long time ago

                Bm          G
You carried my heart away
                     A7sus4  A7 *stop*
and you left me here alone

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_choi/only_you_crd_ver_2.html ]
     G         D
Only you, only you
     Em      Asus2    D
only you can make me blue
G                  Bm
Only you, oh it's true (2nd chorus: go straight to bridge)
               Em          A7sus4   A7  A7sus4
[ch]Asus4/B[/ch] A7
 that there's nothing I can do

Verse 2
D                      A7sus4         G
White stars, they all shine so bright
                     D       D Dsus4  D
while the lone moon is grey
               A7sus4        G
come join this heart of mine
            D       D Dsus4 F#m
if you care to stay

                Bm          G
She carried my heart away
                        A7sus  A7
there's nothing left of this fool


Em              E7sus4  Em6  Em7
Nothing I can do
Em7             E7sus4  Em6 Em7
Nothing I can do
Em7           E7sus7 Em6 Em7
D  Dsus(instrumental)
Nothing I can do,             but to sit and think of you

[instrumental : A7 A7sus4 [ch]Asus4/B[/ch] A7  x2]

A7  A7sus4 [ch]Asus4/B[/ch] A7
(Nothing I can do)

[ch]Bm7/D[/ch] -END