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Lucky Guy Chords

This is the way I play it. The verse is similar to the way David does it, but the 
chorus is quite different.

Standard tuning, no capo.

Some quick notes on the chords: 
B7* is just another way to play the B7 that makes it easier in same cases. 
I use B7* in the verses, except during the suspension at the end. 
During the chorus, use the second set of "chorus" chords.


       F#m7   G#m7    B7    B7*   B7sus   G#m7   C#m7
e  |----0------0------2------2------2------4------4------|
B  |----0------0------4------0------5------4------5------|
G  |----2------4------2------2------2------4------4------|
D  |----2------4------4------1------4------4------6------|
A  |----x------x------2------2------2------6------4------|
E  |----2------4------x------x------x------4------x------|


        E      B7     A      G#    C#m7
e  |----0------0------0------4------4------|
B  |----0------0------x------4------5------|
G  |----9------8------6------5------4------|
D  |----9------9------7------6------6------|
A  |----7------9------7------6------4------|
E  |----0------7------5------4------x------|

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_choi/lucky_guy_crd_ver_3.html ]
     E   F#m7 G#m7           B7      E
It's been so long since I've met someone
     A        E         B7sus B7
That makes me feel this way
E    F#m7 G#m7             B7      E
Makes me smile, and that's hard to do
  A                E             B7sus       B7
I don't think it's something you realize you do


    G#m7    C#m7
You make me feel
             G#m7 C#m7
Like I'm the only guy
     A                 B7
With you in the world


But we can't be together
Can't really be friends
We can't be lovers
And we can't pretend
        G#          C#m7
Oh that boy in your life
Better make you his wife
                E    B7       
And he better believe he's a lucky guy

INTERLUDE: E A (repeat)


You wanted a song well here's one for you
Nobody will know except for us two
Don't ask me about it
Cuz I won't tell the truth
Just know that there's someone
Thinking of you


You make me feel
Something I wish wasn't real at all