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This Is 2005 Tab

Simple. This is the Intro for This is 2005, There is a capo on the 1st fret if you
are in normal tuning, the picking is in relation to the capo, . Actually play on the
7th or 5th fret, etc. There are a couple of irregular piano chords after you play this
through the second time, i didn't tab them because I just couldn't figure them out.
1st tab, here goes!

h = Hammer on

Bar your finger across the top two thinnest strings, it makes things easier.
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Intro Riff
B|5-3-5---5-3-------5-3---5---5-3-----| \
G|-------------5--------5---------5-4-|  \
D|------------------------------------|   \
A|------------------------------------|    \
E|------------------------------------|     \
                                              )  x2
E|--------------3---------------------|      /
B|----5---3h5---3---------------------|     /
G|2-5---5-------0---------------------|    /
D|--------------0---------------------|   /
A|--------------2---------------------|  /
E|--------------3---------------------| /

That's it! Please comment if you liked it!

Sincerely, (//-)