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Before I Even Had You Chords

Before I Even Had You
Dave Mcpherson

You can listen to the track on youtube at the moment, and make sure you listen for when 
hits the root note
next to the chord you are about to play, so it like leads into it.
Also listen out for any harmonic strums on the 5th and 7th fret.

Any questions just comment, and don't forget to rate :)


Em7   C9
            Trying to think, before I speak,

                                  Em7              G
but sometimes I think ...... this awkward silence needs to be filled up

Em7  C9
            Boy meets girl, girl likes boy,

                              Em7                         G
boy acts foolish in the morning cause he doesn't want anything to be going on,

Em7  C9
            I don't want to stay here, and I don't want to play any games,

Em7                                      G
I just wana hang out, hang out with you all day, its that simple I wear,

Em7  C9                                                   Em7 
            I wear my heart on my sleeve, I guna run but I cannot quite hide it.
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Em                            C
Some days im an extrovert but baby you turned me into an introvert,

G                                D         Dsus2
I'm only acting nervous cause I like you,

Em                            C
A mixture of confidence, and insecurity all wash over me,

G                                   D            Dsus2  C9
I'm only acting stupid cause I'm scared of loosing you, before I even had you.

SECOND VERSE the same chords, but at the end listen for when Dave strums all the 7th 
then the 5th fret harmonics going into the verse



         Am               C
Yeah yeah yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh

      Em              G
Yeah yeah yeeeeeeahhhhhh

         Am               C
Yeah yeah yeaaaaaahhhhhhh

       Em             G
yeah yeah yeeeeeeaahhhhhhhh

Em7  C9                                                                
Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, but messes it up because he cares too much


(an extra bar here, end on the C)