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CRUSH from Before These Crowded Streets
Dave Matthews Band
Originally Transcribed By Dave Silverstone (idiotking@jhu.edu/DaveD4N@aol.com)
Updated by TheMixer (themixer33@yahoo.com)

Note on Stefan's equipment for this happy little 8-minute ditty: I have a hunch that he recorded this song with his 4 string Warwick Dolphin Pro bass with flatwound jazz strings.  Both of those items are extreme luxuries, so play whatever you want.  The strings were used for warmth, and the bass is used because the wood it's made out of gives out those warm lows and punchy highs. 

Note on the make-up of this song: Yet another hunch I have is that this song is in 4/4 time and 94 tempo.  Could be an 8/4 time with a 188 tempo with a half-time feel, because they do crazy stuff like that.


Without further ado... The Song:

Intro (Fig 1)

G|--------------|---------------| Dave Silverstone wrote that the 
D|----------7-9-|--------7-11-9-| A to B part is a hammer-on, so try
A|-.-.---99-----|-.-.---9-------| that too. I think Stefan used both.

This is the main verse figure.  The A/D in parenthesis is often not played. (Fig 2)

(Fig 2 a)                           (Fig 2 b)

This part is played right after the last half of the above riff.  This is also a tricky part that requires good improvisational skills.  (Fig 3)

G|----------------------------9------| This part is a different riff each  
D|-----10--10---10-------10----10----| time he plays it.  The only thing  
A|-----------10---10-------10----10--| that's the same is it's a C root 
E|-8-8---88----------8-8-----------8-| chord.

(Fig 4)
"It feels so right..."
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dave_matthews_band/crush_btab.html ]
This is the beautifully chorded "Lovely lady..." riff.  It uses the progression G-A-C-B and is played twice.  It uses Stefan's improvisational skills as the part above.  Since it would be almost impossible to tab this part of the song out, I'm going to do it like this:

(Fig 5)
G                           a                   C      D
G                                 a                 C   D

Then the song goes back into the verse, then after a little while, it's time for...


This is another madly improvised section of the song with the roots this time being F-G-C-B and they go something like this:

(Fig 6)
F                       G             C        b     
F                 G          C    b
F              G       C    b  
F           G      C    b      E

It looks as if it's pretty spaced out, but it's a lot closer together when you play along with the CD or your buddies.  Also, the E on the last sentence of the song is Fig 4.

And last but not least:
The Violin Solo
  (Fig 7 a)			(Fig 7 b)

On the first time of playing the second riff, slide where the X's are on the A string.  On second time of playing the second riff, play the notes on the A string with muted notes between them.  Also, let the last E ring.

Song Structure:

Fig 1 	x5	Fig 6	x1
Fig 2 a x1	Fig 4	x1
Fig 2 b	x1	Fig 7 a	x2
Fig 3 	x1	Fig 7 b	x2 (see note)
Fig 2 a	x1.5	Fig 5	x1
Fig 2 b	x1	Fig 2 a	x1.5
Fig 3	x1	Fig 2 b x1
Fig 2 a	x1.5	Fig 6	x2
Fig 2 b	x1	Fig 2 a	x1.5
Fig 3	x1	Fig 2 b	x1
Fig 4	x1	Fig 6	x1
Fig 5	x1	From here on out
Fig 2 a	x1.5	it's just a heavily
Fig 2 b	x1	improvised Fig 2 a+b.
Fig 3 	x1	Play out!
Fig 2 a	x1.5
Fig 2 b	x1
Fig 6	x1
Fig 4	x1
Fig 5	x1
Fig 2 a	x1.5
Fig 2 b	x1