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Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away Chords & Tabs

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Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away Tab

Tabbed by Jake Behan

I saw Dave play this when i was at the Corel Centre on 4.20.02
Heres the right way to play it

 the main riff goes like this

e--2-------------2-2-2---3 He plays this G when he sings "its been a long
b--3-------------3-3-3---3  long time"
d-----2--4-----0---------0               Use this pattern for    
a------------------------2               all Verse parts

Then when he sings "well its been so long but it seems like, only yesterday..
aint it funny how time slips away." he plays these chords. 
b--3---3-------2-----------3             Use this pattern for
g--2---0---1---2-----------2             all Chorus Parts
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Lyrics:                              Chorus 1
Well hello there                       Well its been so long
Its been a long long time              but it seems like it was-only yesterday
Hey how ya doin?                       Aint it funny-- how time--
I guess im doin fine                   slips awayyy

Chorus 1

Well how your new love?             Chorus 2
I hope hes doin fine                     Well thats the same thing--ya told me
I heard you told him(i heard you said)   seems like, only yesterdayy
Youd love him till the end of time       Aint it funny--how time--
                                         slips awayy
Chorus 2

Well i got to go now                 Chorus 3
I guess ill see you around                But remember--when i tell you
I dont know when O cause i dont know      Cause in time--were gonna pay
when ill be back in town                  Aint it suprisin'--how time--
                                          slips awayyy
Chorus 3
                                      Chorus 4
Chorus 4                                  Sittin in the mornin sun
                                          watchin the clouds roll away
                                          Oh its suprisin--how time 
                                          slips awayyy