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United Breaks Guitars Song 2 Chords

United Breaks Guitars Song 2

Author: Dave Carroll

This is just of one of the songs from country singer Dave Carroll, who
decided to take it on United Airlines for avoiding their responsibility when
they smashed his appreciated guitar...they never realized that, for a 
musician, his guitar is part of his life!...so this is the second song on the
trilogy...have fun with it!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-UoERHaSQg (as played on this YouTube Video)

D            Gmaj7         D             Bmin7
What did you mean when you said you were sorry?
D     A7sus4      D
I'm a bit confused
D        Gmaj7          D           Bmin7
I think you are all for reckon my guitar 
D       A7sus4          D
But you don't think you do

G                           A9             D9
I found a guy who fixed for twelve hundred bucks 
But you tell me that you're sorry
              D9    A7
And it's much tough life 
G               D9                    A7
United sees no need to make anything right
Oh, miserable way!
A7sus4           D
We don't need to fight
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dave_carroll/united_breaks_guitars_song_2_crd.html ]
A7            D          G
If you just come to your senses
D           G
Accept the consequences
        D              Bmin7
Of you letting certain baggage handlers
G          A
Smash my property

D             G
We could be best buddies
         D               G
But our friendship has been muddy 
     D    Bmin7   G       A    D
By a flaw United Airlines policy

(Same chords as first verse)
I sent a tune in my last couple of emails
Why is that the case?
Except that I've got questions
You've got the answers
You don't wanna face

I've got dark inside of that submarine
Leaving me 'a hanging like a pilot thirteen 
I drift in space alone with no ending side
Oh, miserable way!
We don't need to fight

Lyrics and Music Transcription: Jaime Alejandro Martinez. Bustarviejo, Madrid, Spain. 


The song is played on C# or Db on the YouTube video and as it is originally
recorded, I assume to accommodate to brass instruments or other wind 
instruments, but I have transposed it to D. In order to play it in original
key you just have to lower every chord or single note by half a step. 

English is not my first language so you might find some mistakes on lyrics...
I tried my best and I hope there is no mistakes on them...but if you find 
any...send your feedback to adams_mith@hotmail.com...enjoy it!