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Take Five Chords

Played with the capo on 6th:
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Em                 Am
won't you stop and take
              Em       Am
A little time out with me
Em        Am
Just take five
Em        Am
Just take five
Em             Am
Stop your busy day
                  Em     Am
And take the time out to see 
   Em   Am   Em Am
if i'm alive
Em               Fmaj7
Though i'm going out of my way
Dm7           Em7
Just so i can pass by each day
Am7          Dm7
Not a single word do we say
G7          Cmaj7
It's a pantomime and not a play
Cmaj7            Fmaj7           
Still i know our eyes often meet
Dm7            Em7
I feel tingles down to my feet
Am7                   Dm7
When you smile that's much too discreet
G7             B7 
Sends me on my way

E7             Am
Wouldn't it be better
          Em   Am
Not to be so polite
Em        Am  Em    Am 
You could of- fer a light
Em             Am                
Start a little conversation now
Em     Am    Em        Am
It's alright just take five
Em        Am
Just take five