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Date: Sat, 09 May 1998 13:07:52 -0500
From: Jack DeMarre 
Subject: d/dashboard_saviors/all_them_things_i_did.crd

From:	Jack 'Fats' Demarre	
Sing:	All Them Things I Did
Artist:	Dashboard Saviors
Album:	Kitty
Tab by:	Jack DeMarre
E-Mail:	jack@future.net

		All Them Things I Did
		Dashboard Saviors


Am	D	Em

Am	D	Em-D~~~~

Call the dogs off Mama, if you could please douse the lights

I got some people hunting me, too tired to fight 

Could I stay her a night or two, at least until my guns get cold

I feel a storm brewin' up, wash my tracks right off the road

There's no need to wake up Papa, I'll just bed down out in the barn
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I know I ain't been nothin' but trouble, just the way I was born


But Mama I ain't no Jesse James, I ain't no Billy the Kid

Hope you understand I had to do all them things I did

Heard the preacher got struck by lighnin', now ain't that a hell of a 		
If I could have laid my hands on a pencil and paper, I swear to God
I'd 			wrote
Is it true what they say about Nellie, marryin' the Baldwin boy
Good for him, bad for me, you know she was my pride and joy
See Mama there comes a time in everyman's life, sees he's been 		
Even if he fights his way free, forever he'll be hounded


Guitar Lead:	Follow verse chord progression two times then play into 	


Mama don't worry about that blood on my shirt, it looks alot worth
than 		it feels
Truth is, it's just a flesh wound, alittle time it'll heal
Mama, wish we could talk all night, set on the porch adn watch the sun 	
Been along way in a very short time, better close my eyes


Guitar:	One time through verse, end on the G