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Thick As Thieves Chords

Guitar is tuned down a semitone :-)

Thick As Thieves - Dashboard Confessional

D   |G   |Bm  |G   | (X 2)

D   |G   |Bm  |G   | (X 4)
A   |A   |G   |G   |

D   |A   |Bm  |F#m |
G   |A   |D   |D   |

(Repeat Verse)
(Repeat Chorus)

E/G#  |E/G#  |Bm    |Bm    |
F#7/Bb|F#7/Bb|A     |A     |
D     |A     |Bm    |F#m   |
G     |A     |Bm    |F#m   |
G     |A     |Bm    |F#m   |
G     |A     |D     |D     |

(Repeat chorus)

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Would it kill you to breathe easy?
Only seventeen miles lay between you and me,
I could make it if I had to
I don't break easily,
You got my council, thick as thieves
If there's a crime we'll keep it secret,
For there's only trace amounts left in your blood,
You may be a sinner, but you may be justified,

Just keep your mouth shut, keep your guard up,
I swear I'll make it right.

Verse 2:
Will it kill me to breathe?
Not as easy as you think it is
Between you and me,
I could fake it if I have to
I don't break easily
I need your council, thick as thieves
I have no crime to keep a secret
It was hers, it was not mine
Well I may be a sinner,
But it wasn't me this time

(Repeat chorus)

Well, listen to yourself
There is a hemmorage in your mouth
It won't stop bleeding
Well, you may be the trigger
I will hold the smoking gun
You'll get away clean
I'll keep your secrets 'til the grave has swallowed me
And I will never tell a tortured soul there burning by my side
That I am a sinner
I am A savior
I am A lie

(Repeat chorus)