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Swiss Army Romance Chords

this song is tuned down by one tone. like most dashboard confessional songs. yep. erm. 
to the song for the right beat and all that rot. hope this is useful? (:

part 1:

E			B		C#m		A
Sleep with all the lights on, you're not so happy. you're not secure.
E				B			C#m
You're dying to look cute in your blue jeans but you're plastic just like

A				E		    E		     C#m
you're just like everyone. And that face you paint is pressed impressing most

of us
	A	C#m 	B	    A
as permament. And I'd like to see you undone.

part 2:
E		B		C#m
Collge nights, draw the crowds, dorms
			B    E		  B	   C#m A	 E	     B
unload and you're heading out.Here is your moment to shine. Making up a history,
     C#m		   B		     E		  B		C#m A
it's nothing of the life you lead, but man will they buy all your lines.
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use part 1 chords:
Sleep with all the sheets off bearing your mattress bearing your soul. And your trying 
look smooth with your tatoos but your searching just like everyone, I could be anyone.
And those friends you have are the best impressing most of us as permanent, but I'd like to
see you undone.

use part 2 chords:
Youth's the most unfaithful mistress, still we forge ahead to miss her, rushing our
moment to shine. Making up, a history, it's nothing of the life you lead, but manwill 
buy all your lines.

part 3:
E     E   EA          E 	       E	      E		A	E	E
We're not 21, but the sooner we are the sooner the fun will begin. so get out
E    	     A		E     E       E           
your fake eyelashes and fake id's, and real disaters ensue. It's cool to take
                 E			E		  E	      E
these chances. It's cool to fake romances, and grow up fast, grow up fast, and
             E E7 E
grow up fast.