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Reason To Believe Acoustic Chords

This is the way i play this sweet song on my acoustic. It uses pretty different chords
play close notice to it.

[Verse chords]

E - 022100 <- Chris plays this like an open bar chord x79900 in the beginning of the
and the original at the end - but i find it easier to sing over this one
F7 - 131211
F#7 - 242322

[Build up chords]

C# - x46600
Asus2 - x02200
E - 022100
F# - 244300
C#? - x47600
C? - x365

[Chorus chords]

E - 022100
D - x57700
C#? - x47600
A - 577600

[Bridge chords]

Ebar - x79900
B - x24400
Asus2 - x02200

D - x57700
E - x79900
Bbar - 799600
A - 577600


  (E)              (F7)
Oh sweet lungs don't fail me now
     (F#7)                  (E)
Your burning has turned into fear
It drills me in my every step, Im moving quick
(F#7)                   (E)
But you're always on my heels

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dashboard_confessional/reason_to_believe_acoustic_crd.html ]
Just one more breath, I beg you please
Just one more step, my knees are weak
(E)                       (F#)
My heart is sturdy but it needs you to survive
(C#?)               (C?)
My heart is sturdy but it needs you


Don't you want to breathe
                    (C#?)                          (A)
I know that you are strong enough to handle what I need
My capalaries scream
There's nothing left to feed on
               (C#?)                  (A)
My body needs a reason to cross the line

Will you carry me there one more time


(D)              (B)
I have reason to believe
That I have victories to taste
(D)              (B)
I can feel them on my teeth
Upon my lips

And in my chest
(D)   (Ebar)  (Bbar)  (A)
I can roll them on my tongue
(D)   (Ebar)  (Bbar)  (A)
They are more supple than defeat
(D)   (Ebar)  (Bbar)  (A)
I feel the tension in my lungs
(D)   (Ebar)  (Bbar)  (A)
And every move is filled by my resolve to

The rest of the verses, buildups and choruses are the same.