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Living In Your Letters Chords

Standard tunning, not so sure about the chord names. I would say close enough if 
you don't wish to change your guitar's tuning.

   D     F#m*   D7*     G     F#m     D5   Dsus4   D5*
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D                        F#m*
I'm always assuming the worst
but you're going on none the less
                                   G         D-F#m*-D
and there's nothing to cusion your heart led fall.
Letters from further away 
keep pulling me close to home
and there's something to cushion my callous sighs.
And I know that you hope for 
longer good-byes 
embracing for forever 
and falling in your eyes
in your eyes
in your eyes

D       F#m        G
Pouring over photographs
    D              F#m*
I'm living in your letters.
Breathe deeply from this envelope 
it smells like you and I can't be 
without that scent, it's filling me 
with all you mean to me
...to me

Continually failing these trials 
but you stand by me nonetheless 
and you won't let me sink 
though I'm beggin you.
Phone calls from further away 
and messages on my machine, 
but I don't ever tell you this distance 
seems terrible. 
There is no need to test my heart, 
with useless space. 
These roads go on forever 
there'll always be a place,
for you, in my heart.

D5, Dsus4, D5*, Dsus4, D (x2)

So I'll hit the pavement 
     Dsus4                D5*     Dsus4-D
it's gotta be better than waiting 
and pushing you far away 
cause I'm scared. 
So I'll take my chances 
and head on my way up there. 
Cause turning to you is like falling in love when you're ten