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Didnt I Chords



Intro goes right into main chord progression:

Bb Am Gm (2x)



Bb                 Am          Gm
Didnít I treat you right now? (Didnít I?)
Bb                 Am          Gm
Didnít I do the best I could? (Didnít I?)
Bb                Am           Gm
Didnít I give you everything? (Didnít I?)
Bb              Am           Gm
I tried my best just to be a man. (Didnít I?)

F                   Bb
Didnít I do it baby?
F                 Bb
Didnít I do right?
F                           Bb
Why you wanna leave me baby?
F                   Bb
Didnít I treat you right?

Bb Am Gm (cut time)
                         Bb Am Gm
I bought you diamond rings
           Bb Am Gm
                   Bb Am Gm
That a woman could need

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              Bb   Am       Gm
I bought you cars, clothes, a home
                 Bb    Am     Gm
When things was rough for me
                Bb Am Gm
I kept on going
                Bb Am Gm
and back again

F         Gm        Am       Bb
Didnít I (Didnít I)
F         Gm        Am       Bb
Didnít I (Didnít I)

Bb Am Gm (cut time)
Thereís something wrong with you
Tell me
Baby are your troubles dead?
You look back
You should be glad
Donít be mad
I must be glad
And sit down
And let me kiss your lovely mouth

F Bb
Didnít I do it baby?
Didnít I do right?
Why you wanna leave me baby?
They say I didnít treat you right

Bb Am Gm (cut time)
So much to mean to me
That you donít know
Talk to me
What it is
That youíve done
To make me

---The End---

-In the interest of time, I just put the chord progressions at the top of lines when 
they repeated a previous pattern.

-I usually just play power chords without the low E string to make it sound a little 
higher and funkier.
-When playing the ďF Ė BbĒ progression, I usually F Ė Bb Ė Bb9 by playing the 8th fret 
on the high e string with my pinky after strumming the Bb tonic chord for a few bars. 
Itís just something to add on to make it sound more interesting.

-The song just kind of trails off at the end. I didnít catch all of the words perfectly.