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Guerra All Interno Chords

Artist: Daphne Loves Derby
Song: Guerra All Interno

Tabbed by Anghel Paras

Tuning: Standard [EADGBE]

Great song to sing to, and even better if you have a friend doing percussion or harmonics. :D

Tip: If you hammer on the B chord, you'll get more oomph. Just do it and you'll see. =D

Verse One:
Fm	      B
I see fire on bright yellow fields
Fm	        B
Smoke and ashes all tied to the end
Fm         B
So tell me where I can run
Fm	B
Tell me where I can hide
D		  E
I've washed these hands before
I'm still the same
	Fm  B  D
I'm still me....

   A 			       A7
So tonight we'll carry all the crimes
		     D		  Dm
And burn our eyes so we can't look back
   Bm				    Dm
We tried so hard to make believe of better days

Verse Two:
Fm B x2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/daphne_loves_derby/guerra_all_interno_crd.html ]
If you play along with the song, palm mute the 2nd verse and add that percussion.

x= palm mute

Fm		B
Oh, how is your face these days
Fm					  B
Last night I inspired the poison so I can die again
You say this

Forget it
The time to receive you
Run away from your life
   Fm		B  D
To lose myself again...


Bm	   E
Save this, forget it
Bm	    E
It's not to forget you
    C#m		   Fm B D
But I still want to stay...


A A7 D Dm Bm Dm x2

And that's it. Enjoy!