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Dabin Lee is pretty pro with his hammer ons and he does this thing where he monkey 
grips the F chords with his thumb on the base note, and index finger for the first 
and second string. This way he can hammer on the middle finger, but for most of 
the song it's a regular F chord. Gonna write down Fsus2 but you can treat it as an 
F chord if you don't feel like hammers.

He also doesn't play the 1st string a whole lot so you can mute it for most of the 
song if you want.

C:     x3201x
B:     x2001x
Am7:   x0201x
Fsus2: 13301x
G:     32001x

Capo 1

Am7, B, C, B, Am7

Am7            B       C
Oh Jose, I've seen it clear
B                                           Am7                    
You were walking out the back door from the first day you were here
               B     C
Oh my darling, how I knew
         B                                Am7
You were leaving from the moment that you swore you would be true

B, C, B, Am7
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        And I know the ways
             G                           Am7
        Of a calming face that swears to never
        Grab a hold and break your heart
        And I've felt the ease
        Of the changing speeds
        Of a love that grows for nothing
        Just to watch it fall apart
Am7, B, C, B, Am7

Am7           B        C
Oh Jose, it's said and done
It's grown old and I've grown weary
And there's nothing left for us
                  B        C
So do what you do best and run
        B                              Am7
I'll be left to hold the pieces of the things that we called...


They say it's life to feel these hurting things
It's time that heals our broken wings
    Am7                                 Fsus2
And some day we'll look back and wonder why
Yeah we fought so hard to keep something alive

B, C, B, Am7, B, C

Yeah, we fought so hard to keep something alive