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Two Against One Chords

Two against One-Danger Mouse
Capo on 1st fret
Tabbed by kenny Perry. Most people are not playing the chorus correctly on you tube so I 
thought I post my interpetation. Have fun with this one.

Verse 1
Bm                         Am           Em
Make no mistake I don`t do anything for free
          Bm                     Am          Em
I keep my enemies closer than my mirror ever gets to me.
Bm                             Am              Em
And if you think that there is shelter in this attitude,
Bm                     Am           Em
wait `til you feel the warmth of my gratitude.

Bm              F                 E
(One) I get the feeling that it`s two against one.
Bm                         F             E
(One) I`m already fighting me, so what`s another one?
Bm                    F                E
(One) The mirror is a trigger and your mouth`s a gun.
Bm              D               Db
(One) Lucky for me, I`m not the only one.
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Verse 2
Bm        Am           Em
And if it looks to me like you in your reflection
Bm                   Am            Em
Plan to add your own fight to this dimension.
Bm                           Am           Em
Then tell it that this ain`t no free-for-all to see,
Bm                           Am           Em
there`s only three It`s just you and me against me.


Bm        F               E
Lucky for me, I`m not the only one.

Solo over Bm Am Em
Something like this

Verse 3
Bm          Am           Em
And if your foot`s on to sick a thousand "yes men", brand or brake
Bm                 Am          Em
into the middle of this little plan
Bm                                Am                Em
Then there`s your plan to hear me say, that I won`t play around
Bm                         Am           Em
the way, anyway, I plan to plan around them.


Bm        D               Db
Lucky for me, I`m not the only one.