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Bohemian Like You Bass Tab

Song Bohemian Like You
Artist Dandy Warhols
Album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia

OK,I have transcribed a bass part for this song that I play with my 
band. I know that the Dandys don't have an actual bass player as all
their bass parts are done on a keyboard but this still sounds great.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dandy_warhols/bohemian_like_you_btab.html ]
G -------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------
A ----------55555555--------77777777---
E --77777777--------55555555-----------

Bridge (This appears between the verses while the guitar plays a
         B chord for 4 bars)

G ------------------
D ---9-7------------
A -------9----------      4 times(listen to the song
E ---------7--------               to get it right)