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Watcha Gonna Do Chords

Dan Sartain - Watcha Gonna Do?

I'm a big fan of Dan Sartain and i could not find any chords or lyrics from him, 
so I decided to do some on my own, hope you like it.

These chord are for the synth in the song.

Am G    Am G/B   A G F E

Am               Bb  
I'm gonna cry my eyes out over you
Am                         Bb   E
Miss you with a passion so bad.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dan_sartain/watcha_gonna_do_crd.html ]
Am                  Bb
I'm gonna walk that long lonely mile
Am                              Bb
And each step I'll take I'll be sad.

     Am                G   F  E
Oho wathca gonna do?      (Baby)
     Am                 G  F  E 
How are you gonna fell?   (Baby)
Am               C                       F
Watcha gonna do? How are you gonna feel? Watcha gonna do?
         F    E  
Without me!

- meyer291