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The whole song goes G C G D, over and over :)   

The first guy I know who died I can't remember his name 
the tenth grade started 
he just never came again 
all his friends sat around and cried
for a day or two 

You can say what you want about immortal soul 
when that guy died it left a hole 
it was my first clue 
      D                         G
that when they're gone they're gone 

Maybe Jesus beat that rap 
we're not sure 
maybe you can live forever 
if your heart is pure 
or maybe you'll come back 
some day a a king prawn 

Maybe angels come 
and take you away to heaven 
or the other way 
but from down here it appears 
that when they're gone 
they're gone 

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Me and Stevie Gibson used to walk home from school 
he used to have this little turn around rule 
if you turn around the one way gotta turn around the other way or it's bad luck 

He went out rafting on the river 
the river went around and the raft went around 
and his luck got all wound up and he drowned 
and he was gone 


Two weeks after Dieter died you could call him on the phone 
and he would tell you that he's not home 
and it gave you an eerie feeling even though you knew it was just an answering machine 

'Cause somewhere deep inside you know 
that they don't come back when they go 
and he had gone 
and when they're gone 
they're gone 


My mother died in intensive care 
we were sitting around singing on folding chairs 
when I got the feeling somebody wasn't there 

Well I counted noses but it came out right 
the doctors said she died that night 
but I felt that hole and I knew that she had gone 


I looked up death in the dictionary one day 
just to see what the dictionary had to say 
it's the complete and irreversible cessation of life functions 

Which is not very poetic but it's precise and clean 
and if you analyze it what that means is 
when they're gone 
they're gone