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Black Tornado Chords


transcribed by Jimmy James


E    :022100	
A    :002220
Asus :002230 
D    :000232
Dsus :000233

A                  Asus                  A
I've been speaking later and later in the day
A           Asus            A                  Asus     
Most days I don't talk 'till maybe 8 o'clock at night
            D               Dsus
It keeps me whole, keeps me holy
         A             Asus                A             
Keeps me way up in the mountains even when I'm on the road
Keeps me coming up for air
Keeps me airing out some cum
	 A      Asus
Keeps me cool

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/dan_bern/black_tornado_crd.html ]
A                 Asus                             A
And every place I go is one less place I could call home
    A             Asus            A                Asus
And every girl I kiss, well I just cross her off my list
	    D              Dsus
I don't go far, I just go crazy
   A               Asus                  A                 Asus
I buried all of my old clothes out in some field in West Des Moines
            E                         D/Dsus
And if you judge me tonight, judge me by the songs I write
            A           Asus    A
That's who I am to you

               E              D
And there's a black tornado, black tornado
        A            E               A
Spinning around in my body and sometimes
E              D
Black tornado, black tornado
A                     E              A
Spinning around in my body sometime

(Same chord progressions for the rest... I'm sure you can figure it out!)