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My Last Mistake Chords

Tell me now, tell me true:
F                                                                Gm
Of all the things I did to you, was this the one
Gm            F
That made you break?
F        Gm                         F
Did I make my last mistake?

Only you can play the game,
Rope-a-dope and lay the blame.
Can’t you see my body shake?
‘Cause I made my last mistake…
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I was out of line before,
Am                                           Gm         C
But this is so much more I know.
I don’t wanna be the king
Am                                             Gm
Of every single living thing, just you.
Gm                                                     C
And you can be my queen mama…

Separate towns, separate hearts;
Distant love from distant parts.
Every man plays the snake,
Bound to make his last mistake…