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Mean Monsoon Chords

Mean Monsoon - Dan Auerbach
From the album Keep It Hid

Intro  Dm riff (12X)

The summer sun has got me crazy 
Dm                            Am
Playing tricks with my poor mind 
You said you had another man 
Am                            Dm
And I said I guess I didn't mind 
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What's he got that I ain't got 
Dm             Am
Besides stability 
Can he drive all night and never stop 
Am                                    Dm
Well I guess you'll have to wait and see 

 F                       Dm
I heard a voice, call to me 
Dm                     Am       Dm
Saying some day you're gonna be free 

Put a dollar in the jukebox 
But don't you play our favorite tune 
Cause seeing you dance to that 
Is only gonna bring me to ruin 

Someday sunny sounds will soothe me 
But it won't happen soon 
Cause the cloud you left hanging over 
Is raining like a mean monsoon 

I heard a voice, call to me 
Saying some day you're gonna be free