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New Rose Chords

New Rose
By The Damned (Not Guns'N'Roses)
Tabbed by Jay (Boot)

 D5=x577xx   B5=x244xx   E5=022xxx   A5=x022xx
 C5=x355xx  F#5=244xxx  G#5=466xxx  C#m=x46654

Intro:[D5 B5 E5 A5]
      [F#5 G#5 E5] x 2
I got a feeling inside of me,

it's kind of strange like storme sea,

I don't know why, I don't Konw why,

Iguess these things have got to be
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[F#5 G#5 E5] I've got a new rose, I got her god,

[F#5 G#5 E5] guess I knew that I always good,

[F#5 G#5 E5] I can't stop this mess around,

[F#5 G#5 E5] I got a brand new rose in town

See the sun, see the sun, it shines
don't get too close or it'll burn your eyes,
don't you run away that way
you can come back another day

A5  B5    C#m
I never thogh this culd happen to me,

A5  B5     C#m
all we said is washing machine,

A5  B5  C#m
I don't deserve somebody insane,

A5  B5  C#m
I never, never be too late