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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 10:56:41 -0400
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By Damn Yankees
Tabbed by Jason Belaire (jbelaire@adrian.adrian.edu)
I haven't figured the whole thing out yet, but I think this is the 
beginning... and since it is used throughout the song (with some 
variations), I thought I'd post this segment for others to try and come 
up with the rest.  I didnt have the time to figure out anymore.  Sorry.
Leave me e-mail if you figure out more.
 /  = Slide
 ^  = Bend Up
(X) = Note held from previous beat to current beat
Intro (my version)
Its easiest to hold down the chord shapes when playing these bars.
   A7        Dm/A     A7(no 3rd)
E |---------+--------+--------+--------| Play 3x
B |----2----+------3-+------5 (5)--5---|
G |----0----+----2---+----0---+--0---0-|
D |---------+2/3-----+3/5-----+--------|
A |0--------+--------+--------+--------|
E |---------+--------+--------+--------|
   F         C/E      D5
E |---------+--------+--------+--------|
B |----10---+------8-+--------+--------|
G |----10---+----9---+----7   (7)------|
D |---------+--10----+----7   (7)------|
A |8--------+7-------+5-------+--0-3^--|
E |---------+--------+--------+--------|