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Unplayed Piano Chords

Unplayed piano

By Daniel McHugh

Capo 2

G Am7

G Am7 and riff


Verse 1

Play intro riff throughout 1st verse

G             Am7
Well come and see me
G          Am7
Sing me to sleep
G        Am7
C0me and free
G                      Am7
Or hold me if I need to weep
Am                G
Maybe it's not the season
Am                  G
Maybe it's not the year
Am                     G
Maybe there's no other reason
Why I m locked up inside
Just cos they wana hide me

Bridge 1
    Am7  C    G
The room goes by
                Am7  C   G
The darker they make my night
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C        G          C             G
Unplayed pianos are often by your window
     C                G
In a room were nobody loud goes
    C                   Am7 C  G
She sits alone with her silent song
         Am7  C   G
Somebody hear her ohhh


G            Am7
The unplayed piano
G             Am7
Still holds a tune
G               Am7
The lock on the lair
G                  Am7
In the stale stale room
Am                G
Baby its not that easy
Am                    G
Or maybe its not that hard
Am              G
Maybe they could release me
Am                             G
Let the people decide I've got nothing to hide

Bridge 2
           Am7 C  G
I've done nothing wrong
                 Am7  C  G
So why've I been here so long

Chorus X2
Second with Lisa and Damien


G            Am7
The unplayed piano
G             Am7
Still holds a tune
G          Am7
Years pass by
G                    Am7         G
In the change of the room