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Sheets Chords

Chords relative to half-step-down tuning
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Em G D C X2 (hold final C a little longer)
   Em                 G                    D              C
Is he still coming around like an injured bird needing a nest?
           Em        G          D            C
A place to rest his head in a song you'll regret
           Em            G                     D     
Still you take him Lord knows I don't want to compete
                C               Em    G         D           C
But I still sleep in the very sheets he's been in
              Em          G                  D                     C
Swallow him whole like a pill that makes you choke and stills your soul
              Em              G               D          C
You have the nerve to look me in the eyes and lie
          Em         G                  D           C
Send him back I'll share the trap that you have me in