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Questioning The Notion Chords

G         Bm            C
I've also wondered why across the map
G                   Bm              C
Most of the people starve while few grow fat
G               Bm               C
And I too have found it hard to sleep
A                                     C
When three corners of the square will weep
A                                      C
And one will laugh and buy and eat and drink
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G                           Am 
Questioning the notion that God is full of love
      Em                               C
Is a tempting road to take when you forget about His blood
       G                               Am
But I choose to still believe Him, His heart is kind and just
         Em                                C
I'm only seeing half the picture, for the other half I'll trust

I can't explain why helpless children pay
For all the careless sin their parents made
And I've found it hard to see how God is just
In a world decayed by selfish lust
When my faith and reason don't align, I'll trust

He's in control
So I'm faced with a decision
Let my concepts all be broken
I can fall upon the rock
And trust that justice will be spoken 
Or I can spin my mind in circles
Making sense of all I see
My faith will ground to powder
D                          C          G Am Em C
When the rock falls on me