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All Cats Are Grey Chords

Here is my favorite tab of the best song that I ever listened from The Cure written by 
Tolhurst after his mother's death... Regards Lol!! ^^ For any comment or suggestions 
me. My best wishes!

“ALL CATS ARE GREY”                                taken from "Faith" LP
Words by: L.Tolhurst  Music by: The Cure  published by: Fiction Records, 1981
Tabbed by:

SYNTH CHORDS: G#, E, D, B (x4)
C, B, (x4) A
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G#m      E                   D           Bm
I never thought that I would find myself
   G#m              E       D
In bed amongst the stones
    Bm               G#m
The columns are all men
            E       D
Begging to crush me
    Bm                 G#m             E
No shapes sail on the dark deep lakes
       D             Bm
And no flags wave me home

  In the caves
All cats are grey
In the caves
The textures coat my skin
C         Bm
In the death cell
A single note
       Bm           A
Rings on and on and on

(A) play to the end
G –-2------------------|
D --2------------------|
A --0------------------|
E --X------------------|