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I Gave Up Chords

ang cute nitong kantang to sori kung medyo tabingi kakagawa lng namin nitong kantang to
eh pero pag natapos album namin astig to!

intro:A E F#m D(2x)

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  A             E             F#m      D                                    
remember the days that were just friends
  A           E          F#m        D
and as close as they are so enjoy,baby
 A             E        F#m            D
the time that we spent living up together
         A                 E            F#m  D
is the time that i will cherish all my life
(bale 2x nyong uulitin kc dlawa ung verse)

Bm        A         Bm        E
its over now, my dreams will not come true
Bm            A      Bm       E
its too late now, somebody replace me to your heart

     F#m    D   A    E                 F#m       D  A  E
caus i gave up,all the feelings that i have from you
     F#m     D   A          E        F#m      D  A-E
cause i gave up, your heart is really not so true
       Bm               E
but i tried hard and i pray 
       Bm             D
that you'll be happy w/ somebody