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Drift Chords

Title: Drift
Artist: Cueshe
Album: "DRIVEN"

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Intro: E-A-A-E

E                          A
I I've had enough, Got to get out
It's time to go, 

E          A
I I need it fast
I am bomb about to explode

(@)Runnin' away from you
I'm loosing grip
     A                  E
I'm about to loose my mind
 E                   A          E
Now I'm leaving it all behind before 
I ran out of time

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E                A  A               E
I'm drifting away Where my heart belongs
E          A
I'm drifting away
A                          E
Till I find my way back home

E        A
No, nobody cares
             A                  E
Not a single soul when I disappear
E                  A
When, will it pass me by?

                A                   E
This pain to hold crushing me till I die

(repeat @) and chorus)

I Ive had enoguh
I am bomb about to explode

Runnin away from you
Im loosing grip
 A             E
Im running out time