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Borrowed Time Tab

title: borrowed time
artist: cueshe
tabbed by: dennis villaflor
standard tuning: s-slide
intro: E-B-A
note:you can also play this intro without hitting the 
     strumming part if you wished.
   E                   B

verse 1: E-B-C#m-A
E                 B
every fight needs mending
every start has an end
like the sunrise and the sunset
that's just how it ends

E                 B
love one borrowed time
will never be yours nor mine
i need you like you need me
where i oughta be

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chorus: E-B-C#m-A
E                  B
oh it's good to be true
       C#m                   A
if our hopes and dreams come true
E                B             C#m
wish that i have more of this borrowed time
   A                            E-B-A
if only it would last a lifetime

verse 2: E-B-C#m-A

this bitterness inside
is an  empty space i hide
it never satisfies
livin' my life in a lie

love one borrowed time
will never be yours nor mine
i just closed my eyes
i know that it will be alright

rep chorus:

bridge: F-G-A
F        G             A
now that you have gone away
F            G                A--
you seems so close but you're miles and miles away

rep chorus using this plucking:



rep chorus til the song ends..A--

Godspeed! ROCK ON!!!