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Babe Chords

Title: Babe
Artist: Cueshe
Album: "DRIVEN"

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Intro: Em-D-C Em-D-C

Em      D    C    Em    D     C   Em
If I didn't have you, where would I be
      D     C     Em
You're all that matters
          D        C         Em
I need you listen what I'm saying

A               G     D         A       G            B  
You'll always be in my heart, Promise wel'll never part

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Em   D  C           E       D   C
I'm with you, And I won't let you go
Em   D     C      Em     A       C
I will be here waitin'.wherever you will go
D           Em
I'm by your side.

Em      D  C  Em      D  C      Em
You are my angel, you are my strength
   D            C     Em              D         
My prayers been answered.. Believe me baby
C          Em
You are my savior

A                G    D
You'll always be in my heart
A             G        B
Promises we'll never part


C                G
They say nothing last forever
C                D
You and me we know much better
C           B
We've got hold on