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My Little Star Chords

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For those of you that don't know a band outta Vancouver Canada
currently with 2 full length albums out Betti-cola and
Comeout, Comeout....

Song Title: Little Star

You shine brightly in my sky

D        G       A        D

with you how the nights go by

D        G       A      D

catch a comet by the tail

D        G       A  D

if he hollers go to jail

Verse One:

D              G              A        D

I had a spider monkey and his name was BOB

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D              G              A        D

He had a nice smile and I liked him alot

D              G              A        D

But he had nothing compared to you

D              G              A        D

Cuz your my star and you shine through



Your my little star

A              D

your my little star


your my star

A            D
  my little star

Verse 2:

D       G         A        D

Thunder lightning sunshine rain

D       G         A        D

when will we two meet again

D       G         A        D

Find a little lovers lair

D       G         A        D

Name a time and I'll be there

Chorus again


Tabbed by Mark Windle....

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