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Shoo Fly Shoo Chords

Shoo Fly Shoo
No Capo

Verse 1:

            D            A                          C                    G
There are things in my life i dont wanna have to change all because of you
            D            A                          C                    G
There are people in my life they dont wanna have to go away because of you

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       D                             A                     C       G
Im a daddys little girl trying to follow what I think is best for me
       D               A                       C                  G
So honey if you don't like it then go on and quit thinking about me
             D                          A                 C  G
Because my momma will tell you and my daddy will tell you too
       D           A                  C           G
That nothing is worse then having to put up with you
(STOP)          D
So shoo Fly shoo

Verse 2:
There are moments in my life I shouldnt have to waste on something like you
Because when it comes to doing whats right your gonna have to wait I have other things to do


Lead: D A C G