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English Trees Chords

ENGLISH TREES	-	Crowded house

capo on 1

 G - C

 G                   C       
  English trees in my garden
 G                 C    
  planted seeds in a far away land
 Am          D9/F#              Em        Am          
  In between   the palms and the succulent growth

     G                       C           
They lose their leaves in the winter
 G                   C         
  Mark the seasons for him and for her
 Am         D9/F#         Em     Am               
  Once upon a   time in the fallen snow
 Am            D9/F#      Esusb13       Em               
  Up against the  sky made a  silhouette  show
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 G                    C       
  England cries and she plays for him
   G                     C               
The chords entwined like a requiem
  Am          D9/F#             Em         Am        
Al- though it's   springtime, and colour is new
  Am      D9/F#        Esusb13      Em                 
In Regent's  Park, I will   mourn for  you
      G     D/F#    Em                          
And I must be wise   somehow
         G           D/F#    C                     
'Cause my heart's been broken down

 Am            Amaj7sus2         
  It's so far to     fall
 Fm             C      
  And so hard to climb
 Am                  Amaj7sus2       
  Nothing's sadder, I      know
 Cm                   G           
  Than the passing of   time

 Dm - G/B - Am - Dm	Dm - G/B - F

                  C - F    
Won't forget me 
                     C - F  
You won't forget me 

 C                  F       
  English trees in my garden
 C                      F     
  Summer's missed you, my darling
   C                      F                
And all your crimes are for- given
   C                        F            
Yes, all your crimes are for- given
     Am     Em       Am            
And I must be wise some- how

 C - Fmaj7 - C - Fmaj7
 G      C   G        C               
  England cries Ohhh 
 G - C
 G                  C         
  English trees in my garden

D9/F#	2x0210
Esusb13	020210
D/F#	2x0232
Fm	133111
Cm	x35543
G/B	x20033
Amaj7sus2	4x2210

i used powertab freeware to find chords. i'm not sure i included 'capo on 1th' in the settings.