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Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah Chords & Tabs

Cross Canadian Ragweed Chords & Tabs

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Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah Chords

One of my favorite songs, by my favorite band, cross canadian ragweed,if you dont know
them, check them out. o yea, its also done by reckless kelly...any questions, hit me

Use the G, C9 and so on in the intro, i think it sounds better to use a regular C in
the rest of the song, or you can be lazy and not move your fingers

 Hammer on G, C9, G, G, C9, G, Em, C9, G, C9, G, D, G
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ex. G      C9

G                   C        G
Well, it sure didnt take to long
                  C               G
I woke up in the morning she was gone
Em                      C           G      C
well the note that she wrote didnt say dear john
          G       D         G
just said goodbye sucker im gone

(same chord progression thru whole song)