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Carney Chords

Cross Canadian Ragweed / Carney Man    

By: Kyle Bennett

I want a big red nose; I want some floppy shoe
I want a squirtiní flower, squirt it on you
Like all the bad clowns do.
G                      F         C
I want juggle bowling pins in the sun
G                        F                        C
I want to join the circus; the circus looks like fun.
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Iíll sit and work the gate, or I can guess your weight
Iíll even sell the corndogs, I donít care
As long as I am there.
G                     F         C
Iíll hand out baseballs at the dunk tank
G                      F                            C
Iíll ride my funny car laughing, all the way to the bank.

Iím a Carney Man, Iím a Carney Man, Iím a Carney Man, Iím a Carney Man,


A human cannon ball, I rise above it all
                          F                      C
Up higher than the trapeze, I can flyÖoh shit Iím gonna die.
G                     F        C
I am a Carney worker, I make 2 bucks
G                     F                             C
Every hour I come to find out, this jobÖit fucking sucks

Have fun with the song