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Blue Bonnets Chords

D            G
Hair blowin' in the wind
D              G               D            A
 I wonder what you pretend you are When you run
D       G 
Bandana on your head 
D            G
Your face is turning red 
D                                    A
You throw it down to the ground When you are done
I'll think of you, 
         G/A         D
when the bluebonnets bloom
         D   A       Am/A 
When the bluebonnets bloom, 
G A            D
I'll think of you 
D                  G
You always seem to make me laugh 
D                G           D                       A
When you ask me what is that A million times And you know
D             G  
Little things that you do
D                        G 
They are the things that get me through 
         D                A
When I'm up to my hips in snow
D                 G
Another night I'm working hard 
D             G
Another night another bar 
D                     A
A million miles outta touch 
D                 G
Say your prayers, say my name 
D             G             D
Keep it fresh on your brain And don't forget
that I love you this much 

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