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I Surrender Chords

From the Crosby and Nash album of 2004.
One of their best songs and there was no tab for it.

intro Am G F Am

Am               G
in times of meditation
       F                   Am	
I can hear the sweetest voice
Am    			  G
sounding out across the distance
F			Am
breaking through the noise
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F          G       Am
then there comes a vision
F	   G        C     F
and then a touch so tender
   G 	    Am
no more indecision
F G	C    F	
  I surrender

Am           		    G
I try and keep my heart protected
F 		  Am
I try and keep my cool
Am		   G
but just as I suspected
F		    Am	
  I don't make the rules

F      G	     Am
   I'm giving myself over
F    G          C     F
  no more great pretender
        G       Am
I wanna be your lover
F G    C     F  (3x)
  I surrender
  I surrender
  I surrender