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Frozen Smiles Chords

Frozen Smiles

B                           G#m
I tried to reach beyond the walls you're living in
     B                              G#m
As a friend I flew a long way for a friend
        E 		            F#
But the way you treated me made me feel like giving in
        E 		            F#
I don't know if I'll break or only bend
                         B      G#m   B   G#m
You're supposed to be my friend
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B                        G#m
And if you carry on the way you did today
        B                              G#m
All the music in my veins will turn to stone
        E 		                   F#
All the faking of your friendship doesn't make it anyway
        E 		            F#
Does it get you off to act so all alone
                       B      G#m   B   G#m
It'll chill you to the bone

So my advice to you is not to take advice
From the dealers who are handing out the cards
Take your life into your own hand
Just have faith in who you are
And all your goodness that I'm forced to disregard
Because you make it much to hard.

by: Josť Duarte