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A New Drink For An Old Drunk Chords

New Drink For An Old Drunk
By Crooked Fingers
great song....this doesn't do it any justice!!!!

Would you try
Could you buy
a new drink
for an old drunk

Its no crime
To resign
with a bottle

A          B                         E     E
well you walked into town without making a sound
and you slipped as you slammed your face in the crowd
and you tried to forget all the words that were said
to deny all the things that you keep in your head

when you came
you were new
but today
youre much older

you were spent
so you went
to get used 
in the corner
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A                     B             E       E
where they kicked you around like a rodeo clown
and it echoed through town they were beating you down
and as they spread the word that you like dhow it hurt
all at once you were cause for a pitiable cure

E                  E
Hours pass by I've forgotten
A                  B
Night turns black cause its rotten
And we slide right to the bottom
Our tongues made out of cotton

Eyes sealed shut in a slumber
'till we hear someone mumble
could you spare form the tumbler
a new drink for an old drunk

verse 2

now you waste 
all your days
in the dark
in the corner

without light
without grace
where you wait
for the slaughter

when they spit in your face and the hours grow late
as they laugh as they lie at the chill of your fate
and you cringe as you bitch to forget how you hate
all the doom in the pitiful room that you create