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Six Bells Chime Chords

This is how I play Six Bells Chime from the legendary Room of Lights album. (Otherwise
known as the Wings of Desire song). This song follows a basic blues progression.

Chords: Em | Am7| B7


Riff:     e-------------|

After Riff, play Am7 (with open E (6th) string. As if playing Em-shape with the G and B strings.)

Play Riff, then back to Em

Play Riff, then play Am7

Play Riff, Em

Repeat this up until after "Six Bells, they chime…" Play B7
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This next part I am unsure of, but it is a pentatonic-minor scale. (I assume Em)

Play Em chord.

"You will sleep sound…"

B7, then arrpegiate the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st strings of B7; back again

Play Em chord.

"You're seventeen…"


"You're seventeen at this time…"

Repeat Riff, Em, Am7 (after Am7, you will play the B string: B--0-2-0-----

You repeat all over again.

To get Rowland's sound, crank your reverb and use your tremolo. I play this song with my
guitar's bridge pickup, Alexander Hacke also played this song with his guitar in the
bridge pickup. It was a tele style guitar with a hum bucker in the bridge, and mine is a 
LP-style guitar with dual hum buckers. It might not  make a difference for you, but it does
to me.