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(Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Original : E  C#m  B  solo  E B7 A E or capo 2nd fret (D Bm A)

Moli-i-i-i-na, where you goin' to ?
  Bm       A                   D
Moli-i-i-i-na, where you goin' to ?

She's daughter to the mayor

Messin' with the sheriff

Drivin' in a blue car
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She don't see no red light

She's comin' in the mornin'

Lookin' a disaster

Drivin' in the prowl car

Spent the night in jail


Solo : D  D  A7  G  D  D  D  A7  G  D  

Sheriff gonna go far

Drivin' to the state house

If she makes a million

Papa can retire

(repeat chorus to fade)