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I Think Ill Disappear Now Chords

Artist: Crash Test Dummies
Title: I Think I'll Disappear Now
Tabbed by: Unknown

 [Intro - 4/4 time, 4 distinct beats per chord except for [Csus4-C]
   and [Dm-C], which are each 4 beats total]

    Bb C F Csus4 Bb [Csus4-C] F Bb F [Dm-C]

  [Vocal Intro]

    F            Bb                      F         Dm
    Running into you like this without a warning
    C       Bb                     C            F
    is like catching a sniff of te quila in the morning.
    Dm                 Bb
    But I'll try, I'll try to keep my food down.
    F                               Dm
    That's quite an aftertaste that you've left now that
    Gm           C       Bb  Csus4  C
    you're not a round.


    F                          Bb                 F           Dm  Csus4
    You can just pretend we're not in the         same room.
    I'll buy a fast car and    drive it fast      from here.
    Well, you can bet that     I'll forget how it was then,
[ Tab from: ]
    Bb                        C            F
    Well alright I'll just    mosey to the bathroom.
    There's a beach I haven't seen since   last year.
    all the drives to your    farm for the weekend.

    Dm                   Bb   
    You flew by like a   summer vacation
    It's far, but I like night drives
    But I've seen the    swimsuit magazines

    F                    Dm                Gm     C
    and you left me with TV movies and a   messy  kitchen
    it just makes it     nicer when I      do ar  rive.
    and I've smelled te  quila first thing in the morning.


    Bb      C          F     
    I think I'll disap pear now, slip out sideways.
    Bb         C             Am             Dm  
    Just for a while, but un til then, I'll stay in and sleep late.  Ex -
    cuse me.

 [Extended Chorus (play 2nd and 3d times through)]

    Csus   C  Gm                  C        
              Aren't you going to miss me?  
    Gm                  F            Dm       Bm          F   B
    Aren't you going to even say one thing to me anymore.