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Funeral Song Chords

Artist: Crash Test Dummies
Title: Funeral Song
Tabbed by: Unknown

[C]I'm still [F]young, but I [C]know my days are [G]numbered
[F]1234[C]567 and [Am]so on.
But a [C]time will [F]come when these [C]numbers have all [G]ended
and [F]all Ive ever [C]seen will be [Am]forgotten

[F]Won't you [C]come
[Am]Too my fun[C]eral when my [F]days are [C]done
[F]Lifes not [C]long
And [Am]so I hope when [C]I am finally [F]dead and [C]gone
That you'll ga[Am]ther [G]round, 
As I [Am]am lowered [G]in to the [C]ground
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When my [C]coffin is [F]sealed and I'm [C]safely six feet [G]under
Per[F]haps my friends will [C]see fit then to [Am]judge me.
[C]When they [F]pause to con[C]sider all my blun[G]ders
I [F]hope they won't be [C]too quick to beg[Am]rudge me.


[F]if [C]I should [Am]die before I [G]wake up
[F]I [C]pray that the [Am]lord my soul will [G]take but
My [F]bo[C]dy, my [Am]bo[C]dy, that's your [Am]job

I [C]can't be [F]sure where I'm [C]headed after [G]death.
[F]to heaven, hell, or [C]beyond to the great [Am]vast.
But [C]if I [F]can I would [C]like to meet my mak[G]er.
[F]Theres one or two things [C]I'd sure like to [Am]ask.