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From: Mike Dare 
Subject: TAB: "September" by Cranes
Date: 26 Jun 1995 12:36:48 -0500

This is the best Cranes song to play on guitar, and it's actually my favorite
song of theirs.  Why it didn't make it on Loved, I may never know. Of course,
I have no clue to what the lyrics are, so I improvised for the first and second
verse.  If someone would like to add the corrrect lyrics to this transcription,
please feel free to do so.  By the way, Nevada is in dire need of more Cranes

Cranes: "September", from the Shining Road single
Transcription by Mike Dare.

CAPO on 1
The chord progression is:

  Am       G      F      Dm      G*       G       G*
0022x0  320003  133211  xx0231  320013  320003  320013
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          Am                                 G                        F
You could just, you could just hold on to me,   it could make me happy

                         Dm          G*    G  G*     Am
If you just hold on to me,    how it feels so empty

Am                            G                           F
With your eyes closed tightly,  just as close as we can be

                             Dm                  G*        G        G*  Am
Like a rainbow made just for you, you know these times are precious to  me

Lead Guitar after Verse 3 (CAPO still on 1):

     Am          G           F          Dm     G* G  G*