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From: Par Svensson 

CRANES - "Leaves of Summer"

off the album 'Wings of Joy'

Comments, corrections, etc. welcome

Riff A:

e |-----0-----0-----0-----0--|
B |---4-----4-----4-----4----|
G |-4-----3-----2-----1------|          Repeat 8 times
D |--------------------------|
A |--------------------------|
E |--------------------------|

Riff B:
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e |----4---4---4---4-2----4---4---4---2-------|
B |-2----2---2---2-----5----2---2---5---5-5-4-|
G |-------------------------------------------|
D |-------------------------------------------|
A |-------------------------------------------|
E |-------------------------------------------|


The playing order is

Riff A
Riff B
Riff A
Riff B x2
Riff A
Riff B x2
2nd half of B
(some single tones)

The timing is quite hard to write down, but listening to the CD should make
it obvious. There are also some embellishments at the end that I've missed.
The lyrics are, as usual, undecipherable, give or take a few "You're the
only thing I've ever loved".