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Unbelievable Chords

Name: Daniel J.S

I was looking for the chords of this song, 
I found one on this site but when I played the song, 
it seemed like there were missing chords on verses...
so I decided to submit a new one...I am not 100% sure 
if it is correct for you guys but for me at least it is...
when you have comments and suggestions, please email me at 
the e-mail add written above...

I dedicate this song to my Mamu Gloria Marie Ballesteros Schaub(FLAIR)...
I was lost until you came...You made my life so wonderful...
You complete me and I will cherish you until the end of time...
Thank you my loving wife for everything...I love you!

Verse I

C     Am                              G
Always said I would know where to find love
        F                               C
Always thought id be ready and strong enough
     Am                             G       F
But sometimes  I just felt I could give up
C             Am                        G
But you came and you changed my whole world now
Im somewhere ive never been before
 F  G   Am   Am   G    C
Now  I see what love means

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It's so unbelievable
Am                         G
And I dont want to let  it go 
F            C
Something so beautiful
Am                 G
Flowing down like a waterfall
F                   C
I feel like you've always been
Am        G
Forever a part of me
 F           C
And it's so unbelievable
Am            G
to finally be inlove
          F	                               F-G-Am
Somewhere I'd never thought  I'd be.


C       Am                     G
In my heart,in my head its so clear now
                 F                  C
Hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now
      Am                      G  	F
I was lost and you rescued me somehow
C   Am                  G
Im alive, im inlove you complete me
And I've never been here before
F  G   Am   Am   G    C     
Now I see what love means

(Repeat Chorus)


       Dm              G
When I think of what I have
          C               Am
And this chance  I nearly lost 
       Dm             G
I cant help but breakdown
And cry
   G    F
Oh yeah
breakdown and cry

(Repeat Chorus)


F  G   Am   Am   G    C
Now I  see what love means